What WE do


Short Round Productions (SRP) is an emerging contemporary circus company from the United States. Using engaging narratives and international-level talent, the performances feel simultaneously fresh and familiar.

SRP wants people to connect with our shows. Being a Los Angeles-based company, we have a distinct sensibility. Our influences come from the major industries around us: movies, television, and video production. Our stories, themes, topics, and casting reflect the society we know and the inclusive, progressive one we want to become. We hope that audiences around the world appreciate our efforts on putting an innovative spin on a thrilling art form!


Short Round Productions is an American contemporary circus company dedicated to creating high-caliber, story-based productions that inspire, entertain, and resonate with audiences.


Short Round Productions wants the art of circus to help the world discover the endless physical, mental, and emotional possibilities of human nature.


Wonder: We get a kick out of finding out new things

We love to constantly explore and uncover facets of ourselves and what we do. By maintaining this curiosity, we are encouraged to grow not only on stage and in our endeavors, but also in life.

Candor: We are super up front and honest

We give each other blunt feedback and present our content in a very real way. It’s not because we’re tactless. It’s because we believe honesty is the best policy. And we don’t like BS.

Purpose: We know what we’re about

We’ve taken the time to get to know ourselves and figure out what we’re meant to do. This self-examination gives us focus to make sure we get things done right. We try to always remember why we do it all in the first place.

Empathy: We feel you

We’ve been through a lot, and we know you have, too. Although we can’t understand everything, we try our best to put ourselves in your shoes. Our stories, on and off stage, share common threads. We keep you in mind because you’re awesome.

Authenticity: We keep it real

We don’t put up a front. Seems ironic since our shows are fictional. But they’re researched, processed, and thought out. We enjoy the details, which, in turn, help us create multi-layered, relatable content.